Our Mission

The Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons, formerly called the Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics, was called into existence during a sermon given in February, 1986 by Archbishop Roger Mahony, then in office only a few months, who called for lesbians and gays to join together, supporting each other on their faith journey..

Our mission:

Believing that baptism empowers all persons to live a full, Catholic life in union with all members of the Church, the Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons provides a safe and welcoming environment for lesbian and gay persons, their friends and family, through liturgy, outreach, education, and fellowship.

Our ministry takes its inspiration from the Gospel; it’s shaped by Church teachings and pastoral practice; it borrows appropriately from the insights of the social and biological sciences; and listens, ponders, and prays over the lived experience of those to whom it ministers. We’re actively supported throughout the Archdiocese at the parish level as an outreach ministry with gay and lesbian Catholics, their parents, families, friends, and fellow parishoners.

Together with Archbishop Gomez, our ministry

  • calls on concerned Catholics and all people of good will to know and share in the challenges, burdens, and blessings of gay and lesbian persons living a Christian life within the Catholic tradition,
  • chooses to follow a prudent pastoral course, accepting people where they are in their discipleship with Jesus Christ, their membership in the Church, and challenging them to live out fully the call of Christ and the teachings of the Church,
  • supports movements for gay and lesbian persons that are consonant with Church teaching, especially those which safeguard human dignity and promote human rights,
  • joins the Church in condemning any treatment in which LGBT persons are the object of violent malice in speech, action, and law, wherever it occurs.

“Our fidelity to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ make it a moral imperative that we, like Him, reach out in a loving manner to give spiritual and physical help to those who suffer.” — Archbishop Roger Mahony, February 2, 1986